Koos Sadie Primary School is a parallel medium school. Learners are taught through the medium of Afrikaans and English in separate classes.

The usual subjects for the primary school are taught as determined by the Western Cape Education Department. These include Life Skills and practical learning areas such as Technology, Art and Culture.

The school has two pre-primary classes where pre-school learners receive orientation for the primary school from qualified pre-primary educators.

Learning support classes are presented by educators. These classes has been proven in practice that learners benefit greatly by the classes and are then able to master more difficult aspects of their work. The school is also in close liaison with the EMDC Metro North in order to identify and address learning disabilities at an early age.

The school regards the development of learners’ leadership qualities as a matter of high priority. Learners can identify themselves at an early age as class leaders, library helpers, sports captains, etc. Leadership seminars are presented regularly. To be chosen as a member of the learners’ council is a reward for rendering outstanding service and showing a true sense of responsibility.