Code of Conduct and Attitudes

Leading learners towards responsible adulthood is regarded as an important duty. Learners who show the correct attitude towards the school, will not experience problems with the code of conduct. This code of conduct is regularly reviewed during class discussions and assemblies in the hall. Sanction for disobedience is applied in accordance with departmental regulations and administered justly and within reason.

Public Transport:

This school is centrally located and is easily reached from the nearest railway stations (Vasco and Goodwood) and bus stops

Parent-School relationships

The school has an “open door” policy regarding the discussion of urgent matters. We however prefer parents to make an appointment for enrolment or when school matters need to be discussed. The happiness and welfare of our learners are of the utmost importance to us. The school will therefore strive to do everything in its power to keep the channels of communication open between home and school.


At the Koos Sadie Aftercare our learners enjoy good supervision, refreshments and time for homework and play every week day as well as during school holidays.